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With the world on permanent fast forward, it's difficult to catch a customer's attention.

We proudly provide proven reputation solutions for both small and medium-sized businesses alike, evening out the playing field and making sure your positive reviews outshine the negative ones. Speaking of negative reviews, it's important to see them coming and know how to prevent them from happening.

Because everybody
deserves a second chance

All your customer
reviews under
one roof

Oggvo makes it easy to gather local reviews and turn them into an outstanding marketing solution.

Find and manage all your customer reviews from various channels - within one single command center.

Build your reputation on your own sites.

Automate all your
campaigns in just
few clicks

Oggvo represents the simplest and most effective way for you to automate your review request campaigns from multiple channels. We don't care whether you have one business location or fifty. What wo do care about is that you can do the following :

Create email, text or MMS drip campaigns.

Shoot out localized campaigns - no matter the scale.

Upload all your contacts.

Schedule campaigns.

Trigger via API.

Mobile Ready

In today's digital world, your customers need to be able to leave reviews from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Our optimized review funnel makes this easy

Share your most
impressive reviews
with the world

Use Oggvo to stream your best reviews straight to your social media pages or website.

We make it easy for you by collecting them all and placing them under one roof.

From here, you can exclusively share the ones you like by using a convenient copy/paste embedded code.

Show off your best reviews to grow your customer base and increase conversions.

Show, hide or edit review snippets. With Oggvo, you're always in control

Stay on top of
your reviews. Don't
fall behind

Intuitively track trends.

Isolate high/low performers.

Be alerted whenever anyone leaves a new review.

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